• We Trade What You Need
    Quality First
    FP Trade aims to trade quality products, complying with
    the strictest requirements for quality, traceability, food safety and sustainability.
    We choose the best suppliers all over the world that are able to give us
    the best commodities from the origin country.
  • At Your Service!
    Always give people more than they expect.
    We are able to supply a great variety of raw materials.
    to our customers in different sectors of food market.
    We supply every demand from the international market
    and deliver to your warehouse just on time,
    in the exact quantity and quality you ordered.
  • We Do Serious Business.

What we do

FP Trade is largely focused on the deal of several commodities and derivatives.
We merchandise foodstuffs, especially fresh and frozen fish
and food ingredients
within EU market and internationally


Every product originates from different world's area. Market knowledge is fundamental


Research is done scanning the top manufacturer countries and analyzing which are the best markets during the different periods of the year.


The best result is obtained by estabilishing a solid partnership directly from the main producing countries in order to guarantee quality and competitive price.


We share our knowledge with our customers, providing support and advice, offering new alternatives.

Communication is a priority.

Communication with our customers and suppliers is a priority. Each step involved in the logistic process will be dealt with care to the relevant countries requirements.

Something about us

Our Company specializes in commodities and derivatives trading,
mainly focusing on food products like fish and edible seeds and nuts.

We work to satisfy the needs of our clients, adapting to the permanent evolution of the international markets

Our business model is based on building solid partnerships with the best manufacturers of a wide variety of products that can be obtained from each countries. This process has resulted in a synergy in which each component contributes the best of its knowledge thus ensuring that our products meet the highest standards. Many choose FP Trade because we always offer a top quality range of products, available in any packing or quantity, and because we provide te very best service in the shortest possible time.

Our latest products

Everyday we manage new products by following
the guidelines and requirements of the customers.

  • India


  • Turkey

    Pinenut kernel

  • Argentina

    Hake fillets

  • Morocco


  • Morocco


  • Argentina

    Argentinian shrimps